Graphic Design and Corporate ID
Graphic design is a process of professional creativity undertaken by a designer in conjunction with his/her client in order to convey a specific message to a target audience.  The success herein lies in the effectiveness and skill of the graphic designer and his/her client to determine the correct and unique corporate identity by using the correct visual communication and presentation. An effective design include artwork organised text, original design elements ie. shapes, colours and background which gives a flow and feel and unify the bigger picture. Composition of form, harmony and balance are the most important in a well designed piece.
The essence of a corporate identity lies in the success of the message carried out to potential clients or it’s specific market.  It is important that the corporate identity caries out the “personalty” of that company and it’s products and/or services.  The look, feel and flow of a corporate identity sets a certain standard and explains the energy of the company.  It is imperative that a company’s products and/or services are recognized in it’s identity. Pride and commitment amongst colleagues, owners and clients are some of the positives of a successful corporate identity.  Clients remember what they see far better than the ordinary day to day reading or hearing.  A corporate image that makes an impression will thus be remembered and will give your company that final round-off to be proud of especially amongst your competitors. We at Cally Grafix help our clients with building their brand by designing a unique corporate identity which includes marketing material and stationery ie. company name, logo, business cards, letterhead, compliment slips, brochures, adverts, company profiles, certificates, manuals, books, invoice/quotation books, branding of corporate gifts & - clothing and marketing material, mailers, website etc. In order to create a desired and unique corporate identity the designer needs to understand the company’s target audience as well as the company’s values and client needs. By building your company’s brand, we create a unique corporate identity and a strong marketing presence for your company.    These services includes: Graphic designing, printing, marketing material, advertisements, corporate clothing, corporate gifts, signs, hand-outs, packaging, vehicle wraps, presentations, mailers and websites. It is important to invest in a well designed identity for your company to stand proud against competitors and draw attention of potential clients.  Effective marketing material will assure respect in your market, sell your company and therefore will asure growth in your company.
composition, form, harmony and balance
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